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Control and Monitoring of AC Motor and Pump Systems with the AC Diggi Controller


The General Function of the AC Diggi Controller

The control module, AC Diggi Controller, is an electronic device which is installed into an AC motorís switchgear.

With useful application, the AC Diggi Controller guarantees a full protection for the connected electric load.

Customer-specific control and supervision tasks can be realised on the basis of microprocessor controlled technology and free programmable software. The set-up of the parameters for the application takes place by means of the LCD Display or by means of a PC or Laptop menu.

Relevant events and alarms are signalled on the six LEDís and the failure is displayed on the LCD Display. Measured values, such as volts and amps, and operated events of the pump motor are indicated on the LCD-Display. These messages are saved in the memory. The information can be transferred to a connected PC for history or maintenance purposes.

Your AC Diggi Controller controls everything that the previous analogue controllers did, but much more accurately, faster and more precise and is not influenced by long cables, induction in cables and warm cables.

Additional functions of the module provide data transfer and remote control with a cellphone or telemetry systems. GSM and telemetry are already installed in the unit.


LYNX 04 protects the motor:

  • Over and under voltage
  • Over and under load
  • Phase failure
  • Dry running stop
  • Overheating of the motor

LYNX 04 controls the following values:

  • Three phase voltage input - measuring and monitoring of power supply
  • Motor current - measuring and monitoring phases
  • Measuring of cosφ
  • Temperature of motor with PTC - probe

LYNX 04 control functions, display and service:

  • Enable with external switch or probe
  • Clock timer
  • Operating hour meter
  • Display of actual values of voltage, current and power factor cosφ
  • Indication of actual failure
  • Call-off status of events and alarms




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