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Series po-Söffel

Oddesse drainage pumps series Söffel

are employed in open mining areas, subterranean pits, salt mines, excavation pits or in stone quarries for groundwater lowering.
The wear-resistant, high-quality materials and their low weight allow the transportable employment of the pumps under the most difficult conditions. They distinguish themselves by a very good dry run acceptance, long maintenance-free terms and are laid out for continuous operation.


Drainage pumps can be used with a delivery rate up to 450 m3Ih and delivery heads up to 60 m in excavation pits, collective shafts, however, also for cellar and surface drainage tasks. Solids contained in the water like sand or other abrasive materials can be tolerated up to a grain size of 10 mm. Oddesse pumps series Söffel distinguish themselves by an excellent wear resistance and they work reliably in vertical, horizontal or inclined installation position.


Oddesse Säffel-pumps are used in gravel pits for groundwater lowering and for the supply with rinse water. Due to the advantageous slim construction form and the delivery connection showing upwards the drainage pumps types up to Söffel B-W can be installed in a 10”- filter well.


The single-stage Söffel A-H or B-W are suitable to use for higher pressures and delivery heads. These pumps are able to be installed, f.e. with swim pontoon or hanging on a riser pipe, for the delivery of salt- or fresh water, as well as fossil water.

Oddesse offers a widely diversified assortment of electric and mechanical accessories. Shallow suction equipment, pipe adaptors, float switches and special constructions, complete our offer




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