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Ernest Electro Engineering understands how the right decision can make a massive positive difference to your operations, while the wrong ones can be setbacks you would rather avoid.

To help you make an informed decision when working with us, we offer answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our pumps and their related topics. Can’t find the answer you were looking for in this FAQ? Be sure to get in contact with one of our representatives for details…

What is Pumps Efficiency?

This refers to how well it can convert one form of energy to another.

If there is one unit of energy supplied to the machine, and its output in the same unit of measurement is one half unit, the efficiency of it is 50%.

How Does Specific Speed Affect the Pump Curve?

Most pump designers see specific speed as the most important contributor to centrifugal pump design, It allows existing designs to be used, and yields test data that can be used to design similar higher and lower flow pumps as the specific speed of a pump is independent of the size.

How Does Pump Curve Shape Affect Efficiency?

Typical performance curves are flat at low values of specific speed, which becomes steeper on the curve as force increases. Efficiency is reduced at flow force levels, while it increases with them. The curve will reach its maximum in the mid-to-high 2000Nrange, and will begin decreasing above 3000N

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