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Electric Water Pumps

Ernest Electro was founded in 1964 with the goal of being one of the leading distributors of electric water pumps. We now hold the title of stocking the largest supply of electric water pumps and borehole motors in Johannesburg.

We’ve succeeded in the field by passionately seeking out top-notch electric water pumps. Our achievement highlights our provision of systems that enhance production efficiency, contributing to overall success and progress.

Choosing our electric water pumps translates to enhanced productivity for your business, yielding substantial benefits. Our systems ensure prolonged usage and deliver optimal outcomes, enhancing your business’s productivity and performance.

On top of all of this, Ernest Electro’s expertise stretches even further. We specialise in rewiring electric motors, covering a range from fractional to 300 H.P.

Our reputation shines in rewiring services, especially excelling with Oddesse and Submersible motors. We are also highly experienced in electric water pump rewiring.  We specialise in pump servicing, guaranteeing you get exactly what you need with complete confidence. Let us cater to all your pumping requirements.

Electric Water Pumps

Ernest Electro is a leader in the distribution of electric water pumps.  Industries can benefit greatly from these robust systems.

Users gain numerous benefits from these printers, enjoying extended durability and minimal downtime during maintenance procedures.  A significant advantage is their easy adjustability to match specific requirements. This results in increased power generation and enhanced sustainability to meet your production requirements effectively.

Borehole Motors

Similar to electric water pumps, borehole motors deliver a range of significant advantages through their operational capabilities. One advantage would be the fact that it is able to be used for longer periods of time. The system also has a longer lifespan than other similar systems.

These machines are designed in order to be sand-resistant.  They also withstand abrasion and corrosion, showcasing their durability for long-lasting use over many years.

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