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AC Diggi Controller

You may be asking yourself, what is an AC Diggi Controller?

The AC Diggi Controller is something that is relatively unknown. It is an interesting device, however, what is even more interesting is the fact that it has not exploded in popularity.

The system is designed in order to display real-time current, power, and voltage values. It will alert you instantly with any issues, irregularities, or system errors, ensuring that safety is maintained.

Both pump systems and AC motors require the ability to be controlled and monitored constantly. The reason for this is that issues can result in damage to the system or risk to life.

With this, there is also the issue of low-efficiency levels resulting in low productivity and poor output. This is where the AC Diggi Controller steps in.

Being able to ensure that the electric load of a system is stable is a vital component of production success. If the system is overloaded then the entire process could be at risk.

Safety is a huge factor and this is why the controller was developed. With open-source software for its users, the controller is able to be customised with specifications needed for individual projects.

LED lights will display warning signals to highlight when irregularities and faults occur. The device screen will display the failures within the systems so that you can react as soon as possible.

All analysis will be stored for further study to be done, with the ability to provide adjustments if required. The benefit here is that errors will be prevented and safety will be maintained when using the controller.

This is the future of monitoring and controlling. Take a step forward.

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