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The use of the Oddesse submersible motor pumps in the mining industry requires an adapted execution for the most different application conditions for the products, as it is represented here on the basis of the installations in the copper mining industry and in the delivery of brine out of a salt lake.
Especially the rewindable Oddesse submersible motors must be able to resist to the extreme requirements according to place of application. They dispose of application-optimized windings, high efficiencies and show low maintenance costs. They are available from 220 V to 1000 V and in 50 Hz or 60ŹHz execution.
Due to standardized coupling dimensions, the motors are applicable for immersible pumps of other manufacturers.


Oddesse submersible motors

feature a power range:
up to 45 kW/ 60 HP in 6”-motors,
up to 132 kW/180 HP in 8”-motors,
up to 220 kW/300 HP in 10’-motors and
up to 300 kW/400 HP in 12”-motors.


Furthermore Oddesse submersible motors are employed for the delivery of geothermal waters. In this connection, special windings, high-resistant
materials and coolants are applied without neglecting the modular basic construction and the service friendliness of the products.
The outstanding cooling behaviour of the rewindable Oddesse motors represents one of the most important qualities of the product compared to international competition.


ISL (in situ leaching) operation mode with Oddesse submersible motor pumps

The wells are drilled from the surface down to mineral deposit, a water leading layer. Dependent on the geologic state of the layer a light acid or alkaline solution and oxygen is pumped into the mineral deposit. Thus a chemical leaching of the mineral deposits from the rock into the solution takes place. Employing of Oddesse submersible motor pumps the solution, now ore containing, is pumped back to the surface. In the preparation plant the ore is separated from the solution and the solution is processed for re-use.

Advantages of ISL against surface and underground exploitation

  1. Low environmental impact.
  2. ISL is less expensive and offers shorter setup time till production start, i.e. a more rapid ore exploitation of mineral deposits is possible.
  3. The waste is low and is collected in evaporation ponds.
  4. No expensive infrastructure is required, as for surface and underground exploitation.
  5. Minimum terrain destruction, only.
  6. After termination of ore exploitation work the wells can be closed and sealed.




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