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Flat Suction System

draining flooded basements completely


ZUWA Flat Suction System - instant help for

  • Flooded basements, garages and platform roofs

  • Broken pipes and leakages

  • Discarding residue water from swimming pools

Simple and effective. Flooded areas are drained to a close to dry state.

Suction Mats
Suction mats remove fluids within reach of the mats
nearly completely
. Flow channels in the bottom side improve the suction effect and take even small amounts of liquid.
Being flexible and robust the mats work on slightly uneven ground as well.

Unlike submersible pumps and water vacuum cleaners the flat suction system is capable of completely pumping out the fluid and is applicable for large areas.

Depending on the dimensions of the flooded area even several mats can be connected in parallel to one pump.

Powerful pump

  • sturdy
    The Flat Suction System is provided with a heavy- duty ZUWA Impeller Pump. The pump is suitable for slurping action and tolerates a short dry run. The flexible impeller wheel is capable of transporting soil and solid particles within the fluid.
    Especially for applications in flooded basements with damaged fuel oil tanks
    Oil Suction Kit with oil resistant hose.

  • versatile
    The pumps are not only suitable for water, but also for many different fluids like oil, heating oil, diesel and heat transfer fluid

Useful accessories

  • 3 x 3 meter spiral hoses with GEKA-couplings
    (suction-, delivery hose and extension). Special GEKA screw fitting for the  suction line ensures hermetic sealing.

  • Euro container for easy transport and storage of pump and accessories
  • Dry run protection: sensor interrupts power supply when overheating.
    Restart with reset button after eliminating the fault.
  • ASPIRA - submersible flat suction pump made of stainless steel. The perfect addition to the flat suction kit.
    Flow rate: max. 150 L/min

Principles of operation

Flexible impeller pumps are displacement pumps. The rotor with flexible vanes is mounted concentrically in a circular housing which has a flattened area at one side. This provides the eccentric path for the impeller, thereby squeezing the flexible blades on this side.

1. Suction:
The impeller rotation and the straightening of the vanes upon leaving the cam creates a vacuum on the suction side drawing the fluid into the pump chamber.

2. Transfer:
The rotating impeller transfers the liquid from the  inlet to the outlet port of the pump.

3. Press:
On the pressure side the impeller vanes are compressed and the fluid is discharged constantly from the pump.


Pump types    

UNISTAR (2000-A, B, 2001-A, B)

A multi-purpose pump designed for transferring clean or contaminated liquids. Not suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids.

COMBISTAR (2000-A, B, 2001-A, B)

This pump is particularly suitable for all fluids containing abrasives. It is an economic alternative
 to the NIROSTAR series for transferring abrasive
or slightly corrosive fluids.

NIROSTAR (2000-A, B, 2001-A, B)

A high quality stainless steel pump with numerous applications in industrial plants and production facilities, the appropriate choice for transferring corrosive fluids.

UNISTAR 2001-A/-B     UNISTAR 2000-A/-B COMBISTAR 2001-A/B     COMBISTAR 2000-A/B NIROSTAR 2001-A/B     NIROSTAR 2000-A/B

The advantages of an Impeller pump

Dry self priming: The suction depth is max. 7 meters.
High capacity: Flow rate between 3 litres up to 730 litres per minute.
Reliable: Top quality materials guarantee for a long durability.

Versatile: Useful for many different fluids and applications.
Gentle: Fluids are transferred absolutely free of pulsation.

Easy maintaining: quickly and easily disassemble the pump. Low operation costs!
Sturdy: pumping fluids with even highly viscous liquids such (up to 20 000 mPAS), as well as liquids containing solids. Media temperature max. 90°C.

For all application the right material of Impeller

NBR /Acrylnitril-Butadien-Kautschuk (Perbunan®, Buna-N®):
for water, antifreeze, heat transfer fluid, vegetable oil and grease high impact elasticity and good mechanical strength good for applications involving high pressures up to max. 5 bar

for water, mineral and vegetable oils, diesel fuel, heat transfer fluid and

several chemicals extremely tear resistant and good mechanical resistance (nichtbei abrasiven Medien) maximum fluid temperature 60°C

EPDM /Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk (Keltan®, Buna EP®):
for high temperatures, for acids and bases. high elasticity and very good mechanical stability

CR /Chloropren-Kautschuk (Neoprene®, Bayprene®):
preferably used for applications in the food industry. fl ame retardant, tearproof, durable

FKM or FPM /Fluor-Kautschuk (Viton®, Fluorel®):
for oil, diesel, fuel oil, palm oil, soy bean oil and oil emulsive wood preservatives very good chemical resistance, less mechanical resistance

Features suction kits

Suction kit KOMPAKT Oil suction kit
(mat not included)

Accessory for Suction Kit TOP: Automatic multi-purpose pump control 230 V


Sensor switch with cable


  • useful in various applications for pump control and signal equipment with power up to 1,1 KW

  • sensor switching the pump on and off automatically, depending on fluid level (dry run protection)

  • particularly suitable for very low fluid levels, from appr. 1 mm

  • small and compact design, splashproof






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