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How electric motor rewinding works

These days, electric motor units do a significant amount of work, like keeping various types of electronic devices running and functional. Different types of electric motors are used to make life easier, but they can be costly to replace. Electric motor rewinding can be performed to restore the motor’s functionality without incurring the high cost of purchasing a new motor.

There are numerous reasons and factors to consider before deciding on electric motor rewinding rather than purchasing a new one. First, rewinding an electric motor is a delicate process that requires expert care. Even a minor error during the electric motor rewinding process can result in a significant loss. Therefore, it is best to have a professional inspect and rewind the electric motor.

Is electric motor rewinding a good choice?

When a motor’s insulation is ruined or simply damaged, electricity begins to transfer from winding to winding, causing excess heat and the motor to fail. Power issues can also cause motor damage. An electric motor’s life and productivity can be extended by performing routine maintenance, including electric motor rewinding when necessary.

When deciding to rewind an electric motor, the motor housing is removed first to expose the windings. Documentation may include photographs and notes. Next, the wire from the brush pad tabs is carefully and completely removed. The motor’s wind-free coils are then severed. The insulation is then inspected to determine whether it is in good condition or whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. The armature is then rewound. The exact winding pattern and number of coils around each winding are recreated. Finally, the windings are connected, and the wires are double-checked to ensure that the tabs do not come into contact. When all of this is completed, the motor housing is reassembled.

Rewinding an electric motor is a time-consuming and difficult task. Unless you are experienced, hiring a professional will save you money and time in the long run.

Why choose Ernest Electro Engineering for electric motor rewinding

Ernest Electro Engineering is a leading South African supplier of comprehensive pumping systems and solutions for commercial and industrial businesses. We offer various thoughtfully designed pumps and electric motor solutions that ensure efficiency and effectiveness across multiple facilities. Our products and services are reasonably priced and provide ongoing value to your business and its operations.

In addition to our dependable, affordable, and quality-driven electric motors and submersible pumps, we offer ongoing services to ensure the continued quality and operational efficiency of these products. This includes replacements, electric motor repairs, and armature rewinding.

Ernest Electro Engineering’s electric motor rewinding carries the same warranty as a brand new electric motor purchased from any manufacturer or supply company. However, the savings are approximately two-thirds the price of a new electric motor. Subsequently, the cost should not exceed one-third of the cost of a new electric motor.

We service AC electric motors ranging from fractional horsepower to 200HP and DC motors up to 50KW.

Ernest Electro Engineering is an old armature winding company that has been advancing electric motor refurbishment since 1964. Refurbishing and electric motor rewinding following a failure due to wear and tear, single phasing, lightning, or any other electrical supply problem is a lost art.

In addition, Ernest Electro Engineering offers a great selection of submersible electric pumps.

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