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Macerting Technology with MIP!


The Multicrusher is a flexible unit which can be integrated into a pump operated system or used individually. Moreover, the unit ensures that performance is either maintained or improved.

If you require a system which has quick access to rotation parts, the Multicrusher is perfect for you. On top of this, the unit ensures that the blade and cutter combinations as well as blade geometry and thickness can be customised.

The customisation is dependant on the application and particle size which needs to be achieved. However, Ernest Electro Engineering has the expertise to assist you in the customisation and implementation process.

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Ernest Electro Engineering is a proud supplier of high quality systems and units. We work with several companies in a variety of industries. Our goal is to assure you that your productivity will benefit from the adoption of our equipment.

The environmental technology industry has benefited from the application of the Multicrusher. As such, your ability to enhance the efficiency of your work is improved.

This includes:

Sewage, municipal or industrial, sludge, thin or thickened, dosing of polylectrolyts, feeding of dewatering devices, lime slurries in flue gas desulphuration, waste-oil-mixtures.

The chemical industry is another area which utilises the Multicrusher unit. This is due to the ability to deal with acids, caustics, mixtures, solvents and fats, to name a few.



Do you work in the oil industry? You will be happy to know that the unit handles the oil, sludge and other substances with precision and ease.

Multicrusher units are also used in both the building industry and pulp and paper market, meat and fish processing, sugar industry and mining.

This is but a small list of industries, as the system has the capabilities to be used in virtually all areas.

Maintenance In Place allows the quick and convenient replacement of all fluid wetted parts. This includes without removal of pipes, drives or other components of the macerating unit by your own staff. The unrivalled maintenance friendliness guarantees low life. 

This means no downtime! Units can be repaired on site without removal as shown in pictures.













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