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Water Softener

Water Softener

Water Softener – Eco(-nomy) water treatment system


Water Softener | Chemical-free water treatment systems

A Water Softener system removes calcium which causes hardness, as well as removal of magnesium minerals. The filtration system uses the process of ion exchange in order to remove the above substances from water.

The three main components are softer control valve, resin tank, and brine tank. All parts work together in order to remove substances that can affect the performance of water.

If you are in need of a system which removes minerals and substances from water, the Water Softener is ideal.

Water Softeners ensure that minerals from hard water is eliminated. It is also a benefit in the monitor of the flow of water and will periodically clean the system. This is known as the regeneration process.

Contact us for more information on our Water Softener systems. You can browse through our website to find the products which will help to boost your level of efficiency.

Ernest Electro Engineering has the experience required to supply and repair your systems. Our expertise guarantees that we will give you full optimisation.

Your productivity will be enhanced. With no downtime during installation we will install it on the premises in a fast and effective way.

The Water Softener unit allows you to cost effectively improve the productivity of your business. As a relatively low-cost option, the system is also an environmentally friendly alternative to water treatment.

Ernest Electro Engineering guarantees that you will gain more through the implementation of a water softener system.

A unit that is designed well will only remove the minerals which cause the hardness in the water. It will leave behind the minerals which ensure the quality is maintained.

Our systems ensure that both the purchasing cost and cost of use will be kept low. This is down to the level of quality of our water softeners.

You will find consistency in the feed water quality, reduced fouling and corrosion of equipment, and low maintenance costs.

Furthermore, your equipment will operate excellently and the energy performance of your equipment will be enhanced.

Thank you for choosing Ernest Electro Engineering as your provider of the best quality systems.

Chemical-free water treatment systems



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