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Borehole Pipe


The Borehole Pipe is manufactured from various different types of materials.

Ernest Electro Engineering supply includes Mild steel, Stainless Steel AISI304, Stainless Steel AlS1316, and Stainless
Steel AlS1904 (available for special installations if 100% acid).18
Hi-speed clamps are available separately.
Alternative wooden clamps are available.
Available in normal black steel or stainless steel.

Ernest Electro Borehole Pipe

The Borehole Pipe system consists of a male and female connector with a polished spring to guarantee the locking
position. The 0-ring makes the system watertight.

An installation depth of 300 meters is guaranteed and the installation will not twist on startup. Turn three days into 3
hours. 2″ installations – install 200m in 1 hour.
The Borehole Pipe can take pressures up to 40 bar, and the tested pressure is 100 bar. The couplings have relatively-small outside diameters which are none corrosive.

It is a light, secure and practical way of installing borehole pump units. It is just as simple to remove the pump if necessary.


Technical Specifications

Manufactured sizes in
50 65 80 100 125 150 200
Max. Pipe O.D. (mm). 80 96 112 140 166 198 254
Pipe I.D. (mm) 60.3 76.1 88.9 114.3 139.7 168.3 219.1
Pipe wall thickness (mm) 2 2 2.6 3 3 3 4
D-ring diameter (mm) 58×5 72×5 86×5.5 110×6 135×6 165×7.5 215×7.5
D.D. of locking spring (mm) 7 8 9 9 11.5 11.5
Length of locking ring (mm) 190 240 280 355 435 510 675
Neightofpipeper meter (kg) 2.9 3.7 5.6 8.3 10.2 12.4 21.5
VoIume of water in pipe per meter (I) 2.5 4.1 5.5 9.2 14 20.7 35
Allowed pull weight in (kN) 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
Inside pressure (bar) 40 40 40 40 40 40 40


The push-on coupling pipes are available in 6m and 3m lengths. Compromising lengths are available in 2m and 1m.

Please note that there is a difference between the installed length and the delivered length of the Borehole Pipe, e.g. installed length is 6 meters, and the delivered length is 5.92 meters.

Installation procedure

The Beckert Borehole Pipe will be installed with the male adapter facing upwards and the female adapter downwards (see front page diagram Z + M).

In this position, the male adapter pipe is clamped and the female pipe is fitted and lifted onto the male pipe.

The adapter is open to the bottom. The advantages of this include the water getting drained completely out of the pipe so there is no water in the connection.

On top of this, the water gushes inside the pipe from the male to the female resulting in a secure connection. With this system, the silting up of the connection (adapters) is prevented, even for long-term installations.

There is minimal corrosion and lower growth of bacteria.


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