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Electric Motor Rewinding Johannesburg

For the past 45 years, our company has specialised in supplying the best borehole and sewage pumps and Electric Motor Rewinding services. Ernest Electro has always adopted a very strong BEE policy both providing secure employment and extensive training for our staff.

We offer essential solutions for mining, industries, agriculture, hospitals, fish hatcheries, oil rigs, education, sports, and tourism sectors.

Our government aspires to furnish rural communities with safe water via boreholes and sewage pumps, curbing diseases like typhoid and cholera. A community pump with a tap and facilities prevents water-related health risks and time wastage, benefiting pregnant mothers and residents.borehole & sewage pumps company

Beneficial for communities, our saltwater-resistant pumps support desalination plants, providing freshwater for drinking and agriculture, and enhancing sustainability.

Our sewage pumps provide a major health solution and prevent the pollution of rivers, dams, streams, etc. Our multi-cut pumps serve industry, mining, hotels, and tourism by preventing blockages through efficient maceration of foreign objects.

Schools need reliable safe water supplies and sanitation facilities such as

Ernest Elctro

 electric motor rewinding company Electric Motor Rewinding

Ernest Electro Engineering’s electric motor rewinding offers a comparable warranty to new motors but at around one-third the cost. Guaranteed quality and affordability. The cost should therefore not be more than a third of the price of a new motor.

We repair AC electric motors from fractional horsepower up to 200HP and DC motors up to 50KW.

Electric Motor Refurbishing

Ernest Electro Engineering is an armature winding company that has brought the refurbishing of electric motors forward since 1964.
The art of rewinding or refurbishing failed electric motors due to wear, single phasing, or electrical issues is often underappreciated. It requires specialised understanding.  Ernest Electro Engineering has had this knowledge since the early 1960s.

 electric motor rewinding company



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