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Eupsim- Submersible Water Pumps


Eupsim is the future of Submersible Pumping Technology. It provides users with data communication without additional signal cables. Moreover, there is no contact with liquid due to a separate system.

The integrated pressure and level measurement allows for a more optimised approach which only improves with both motor temperature measurement and the alarm and event messages.

The Eupsim protects the motor from over-and-under voltage and over-and-under load phase failure. For convenience, the system offers communication to process control.


The Eupsim ensures bi-directional communication between the motor and control unit. This communication is from the motor to the switching cabinet.

After this, the communication will read and regulate the temperature of the motor, pressure, level, the message of alarms and limiting values, and more values on inquiry.

This includes the switching cabinet to the motor which is the switch signals, adjustment, and calibration data.

The Eupsim data communication via a motor power cable with Power Line Communication (PLC) allows for no separate cable necessary. Implementation of new techniques for the control and monitoring of submersible motors based on the recording and evaluation of additional values at bad accessible locations.

You have data communication between the control unit and the centre at an optional widely distant location via the Internet, and GPRS mobile communications.

System Construction

The system consists of three main components. This is the control centre for the remote control and monitoring of pump installation. You will find a connection to the control line, Internet or mobile communications.

Control for monitoring the pump includes a communication module for data exchange. This is between the integrated microcontroller module (MCM) of the submersible, pump motor, and Control centre.

The above consists of diverse control units.

Submersible motor pump with integrated MCM included a transmitter. The position of Eupsim integrated micro-controller fitted on an Oddesse submersible motor.
The position of Eupsim  integrated micro-controller fitted on an Oddesse submersible motor.


Diagram of a complete system


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