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Ernest Electro supplies specialised electric motors for application in a range of different pumping activities, across several industries.

Our approach to supplying customers and facilities with key equipment for pumping activities, takes a close look at the needs of our clients, to source solutions that fit them accordingly.

Our Electric Motors

We offer new and replacement motors for a range of pump types, from submersible motors to those used for lifting systems, side channels, rotary pumps, water treatment systems, volute pumps, drainage pumps and more.

We offer a range of electric motors, as well as related services, that are applicable to the needs of various pumping applications.

After-Sales Service

Ernest Electro Engineering also provides a range of specialised after-sales services, to ensure that your facility gets the most value possible out of the pumps and electric motors supplied by us.

These services include replacements, motor repairs, and even armature rewinding services.

Efficacy & Ease

Our electric motors are offered with two ideals at their core. Efficacy, the efficiency and effectiveness of our offers in terms of how they enhance your operations is the goal behind our pump systems.

Ease of use and care is also important to us, and is provided through the quality of our equipment, as well as the after-market services we offer alongside them.

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