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Understanding borehole pumps

Many homes, businesses, and farms in South Africa have boreholes installed in response to water shortages. A borehole is a small, drilled hole that is filled with casing. The casings have inlet holes at the level from which the water will be drawn, and a pump provides suction to pull the water from the ground. However, due to the limited width of boreholes, specialised pumps that can easily fit inside are required. These pumps are either line shaft turbines or submersible electric.

Groundwater collects from rainfall and underground springs. Aside from the drilling costs and the small amount of electricity required to power your borehole pump, having your own water supply will result in significant monthly savings. In addition, borehole pumps use less energy to extract water than tap water, and the water is much healthier.

Borehole pumps are an important economic and environmental choice for providing unlimited access to thousands of litres of clean water per day to homes, businesses, and farms, thereby helping to alleviate water shortages. Generally, a standard borehole pump can extract approximately 20 000 litres of water per day.

Borehole pump to tap

This is the most basic and least expensive borehole pump system because it does not require quite as much infrastructure as the other systems. Instead, water is pumped directly from the underground water table into a series of pipelines for your outside garden taps in a borehole pump to tap system. As a result, you will be able to water your garden with borehole water.

Borehole pump to irrigation

This borehole pump system is similar to the borehole pump system mentioned above with water pumped from the water table to the main water line of your irrigation system. When one of the irrigation zones is activated, the irrigation controller sends power to the borehole pump. This borehole pump system can also be used as a manual irrigation system by connecting it to your exterior garden taps. As a result, opening the faucet will send water to your irrigation system.

Borehole pump to tank

This borehole pump system uses one or more water storage tanks to store borehole water. As a result, the borehole pump directs water to tanks, where it is stored until needed for irrigation or perhaps a garden tap. Then, a booster pump is connected to the tanks to transport the water from the tanks to its destination. This booster pump draws water from the tanks and pumps it into the irrigation mainline or wherever the customer wants it.

Borehole pump to the house

Due to the infrastructure required, this is the most expensive borehole pump system. Like the borehole pump to tank system, it sends water to the tanks. Before entering the house, a booster

pump pumps water through a series of filters. This ensures the water entering your home is of high quality.

Components of a borehole pump system

To begin, a borehole must be drilled down to the water table. Following that, a borehole pump is connected to a pipe as long as the borehole is deep. After that, the borehole pump and pipe are lowered into the borehole. Finally, depending on the system selected by the client, another pipeline is connected here and leads to the water tanks or garden mainline.

  • The benefits of borehole pumps
  • Cost savings because borehole water is less expensive than municipal water.
  • Underground water is of high quality, while municipal water may be contaminated.
  • Using underground water helps to conserve precious resources.
  • It is a drought alternative, acting as a backup water source.
  • Borehole pumps are abrasion, corrosion, and sand resistant, improving their longevity.

Contact Ernest Electro Engineering for details

Before drilling a borehole, you should determine whether there are any other boreholes in the area and whether there is enough underground water to use. The borehole will then be drilled by a borehole company, which will also supply quality borehole pumps and pipes. This company can provide a comprehensive solution that considers local laws and existing infrastructure.

At Ernest Electro Engineering, we have a great selection of submersible electric pumps, including borehole pumps. As experts in our field, we’ll be happy to recommend the right borehole pump for your needs. Contact one of our representatives today if you would like to know more about our offers on borehole pumps. If you would like to learn more about our other offers and solutions, feel free to continue browsing our website for details.

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