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What is electrical motor rewinding?

Because of their associated features, most appliances and machines nowadays maximise electric motors.

For one thing, electric motors are extremely efficient, allowing appliances and machines to operate in various harsh environments. Electric motors do not require fuel or other similar elements. In addition, when compared to other motors, electric motors only maximise a few components, allowing them to last longer. They can eventually be combined with automated controls, making them safer and more flexible.

Even with these features, electric motors are expected to deteriorate over time due to prolonged use. Fortunately, electrical motor rewinding can still extend their service life.

Electrical motor rewinding, also known as motor rewinding, is a process that aims to restore most of an electric motor’s efficiency. Instead of throwing away an electric motor, this process allows it to continue to work and operate for a few more years.

The fundamentals of electrical motor rewinding

There are several advantages to electrical motor rewinding.

One advantage of electrical motor rewinding is that it can improve motor efficiency. As previously stated, motor rewinding can provide a great way to extend the service life of a motor. When completed successfully, an electric motor is expected to function correctly, generating sufficient power within acceptable tolerances. Aside from increased efficiency, rewinding can also result in lower operating costs. Users who choose this process will undoubtedly save money, time, and energy because they will not have to purchase new electric motors.

Another advantage of electrical motor rewinding is that it can benefit the environment. The process of motor rewinding is environmentally friendly because it generally recycles old parts of electric motors rather than throwing them away in landfills. This benefit can then be used to help reduce pollution and toxic emissions.

Why choose Ernest Electro Engineering for electrical motor rewinding?

An electrical motor rewinding by Ernest Electro Engineering carries the same guarantee as a brand new electric motor bought from any manufacturer or supply company. However, the savings are approximately two-thirds the price of a new electric motor. The cost should, therefore, not be more than a third of the price of a new motor. We repair AC electric motors from a fraction of horsepower up to 200HP and DC motors up to 50KW.

Many people do not realise that electrical motor rewinding or refurbishing an electric motor that has failed due to wear and tear, single phasing, lightning or any other electrical supply problem is an art no longer respected and understood. Ernest Electro Engineering is an old armature winding company that has brought the refurbishing of electric motors forward since 1964.

Contact Ernest Electro Engineering for details

If you require electrical motor rewinding services for your electric motor, please us. We are an industry-leading company and take pride in our ability to convert our most valuable assets into the best services for you.

In addition, Ernest Electro Engineering is a leader in the local pump industry and has a great selection of pumps. We’ll be happy to recommend the right pump for your needs, and if you want to know more about our offers on pumps, contact one of our representatives today. If you would like to learn more about the pump industry, our electrical motor rewinding services, and our other offers and solutions, feel free to continue browsing our website for details.

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