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Benefits of borehole pumps

With South Africans struggling to deal with frequent water shortages, many homes, businesses, and farms have started to install boreholes. A borehole is a narrow, drilled hole filled with a casing. The casings have inlet holes at the level from where the water is to be pulled, and a pump supplies suction to draw the water from the ground. However, the limited width of boreholes requires specialised pumps that can easily fit inside. These pumps are either line shaft turbine pumps or submersible electric pumps.

Did you know? A borehole pump can extract about 20 000 litres of water per day.

Groundwater accumulates from rainfall and underground springs. Apart from the drilling costs, and the little electricity used to power your borehole pump, using your own water supply will provide enormous savings every month. Borehole pumps use less energy to extract water than it does to get drinking water from your tap, and the water is a lot healthier.

Borehole pumps are an important economic and environmental choice to offer homes, businesses, and farms unlimited access to thousands of litres of clean water a day, helping to alleviate water shortages.

Boreholes for farmers

A water borehole on agricultural lands can bring several benefits to farmers and offer the perfect solution as an alternative water source.

Following the initial cost of drilling and installing pipes and borehole pumps, the long-term benefits of a borehole far outweigh these expenses.

Drilling a borehole offers many benefits for farmers, including:

  • Cost savings, as water from a borehole costs less than municipal water.
  • Underground water is of high quality, which is crucial when municipal water may not be safe.
  • Using underground water helps to save valuable resources.
  • It is a drought alternative, serving as a backup source of water.

Drilling a borehole

Before you can drill a borehole, you’ll need to check whether there are other boreholes in the area and whether there’s enough underground water to use. Then, a borehole company will drill the borehole and supply quality borehole pumps and pipes. This company can provide a complete solution that considers local laws and existing infrastructure.

Contact Ernest Electro Engineering for quality pumps

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