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The Benefits of Oddesse Submersible Motor Pumps

There are just some jobs that your standard pump cannot do, and this can be for a large variety of reasons, such as environmental conditions or different pressures, or the type of work that the pump would have to do. This creates the need for the creation of other pumps, so that they can do the jobs that other pumps cannot. This had led to a market that has now got a very wide variety of pumps that are all designed to do different jobs for different conditions. It might get overwhelming to understand why certain pumps could be better to use than others, so here are the benefits of an Oddesse submersible motor pump.

The Uses of Oddesse Submersible Motor Pumps

A pump like the Oddesse Submersible Motor Pump is great for a few reasons, one being that is is suitable for a variety of environments. There are examples of the different uses of this kind of pump:  domestic water supply in water works, dewatering in mining and underground construction, saltwater delivery, pressure boosting systems, and it is great for water usage that is not just saltwater or seawater but also freshwater and brackish water. The applications are quite large in number as it is a versatile piece of equipment.

The Benefits of Oddesse Submersible Motor Pumps

There are a number of benefits that accompany a pump like this, other than the wide variety of its uses, this includes a small outer diameter, it has low operation costs, there are long intervals between maintenance, thus there will be minimal amount of time or money spent of repairs for the pump, the pump is environmentally friendly as well as recyclable. The pump has the ability to be installed either vertically or horizontally, suiting your needs better.  The pump allows you to make adjustments with the frequency converters.

Ernest Electro

One does not have to look far or wide to find such a versatile and handy pump. Ernest Electro is here to help you get the best Oddesse Submersible Pump or other great pumps to help you complete your projects and get your work done. Visit their website today to find out more about this pump, and place your order!

Electric motor units perform a great amount of work in today’s times. They keep many different electronic devices working and running properly. Various types of electric motors are used to make our lives run smoother, however, they can cost a pretty penny to replace. Luckily, electric motor rewinding can be done in order to get your motor working again without the high price tag.

There are many factors and reasons to consider when deciding whether to have your motor rewound instead of purchasing a new one. Professional care is needed when rewinding an electric motor as it is delicate. Even a small error throughout the process could result in quite a loss. It is by no means a simple task to rewind a motor, it is best to have a professional take a look and handle the rewinding process. At Ernest Electro we have professionals who are happy to help rewind your electric motors.

How do you know electric motor rewinding is for you?

When a motor’s insulation is damaged or ruined, the electricity will begin to transfer from winding to winding which will cause excess heat and damage the motor. Power problems often also result in the motor being damaged. Ensuring you take care of the routine maintenance which includes rewinding when necessary is going to extend the life and the productivity of your electric motor.

When rewinding a motor, first the motor housing is removed in order to expose the windings. Then the wire from the tabs on the brush pads is carefully removed. The wind free coils then get cut from the motor. The insulation is inspected to ensure it is still in good shape, then the armature is rewound. The exact same winding pattern is recreated and the number of coils around each of the windings. The windings are then connected and the wires double checked to ensure that the tabs aren’t touching. Once all of the above is done, the motor housing is then reassembled.

To rewind an electric motor is very tedious and quite difficult. Unless you are experienced, having a professional in the field take on the task is the way to go. At Ernest Electro we specialize in the rewinding of many different electric motors. Visit our website on for more information.

An electric motor is a machine that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. An electrical signal is applied to the input of the motor, and the output of the motor produces a distinct amount of torque related to the characteristics of the motor. If you compare the attraction and repulsion of the north and south poles of a bar magnet, you’re on your way to understanding what has to happen within the motor. To achieve rotation, there has to be some interaction between magnetic flux produced by electromagnetism within the motor. DC motors and AC motors accomplish this task in different ways.

DC machines can be classified as self-excited, independently excited, permanent magnet (PM), and brushless. Self-excited machines can be further classified as shunt, series, and compound. Compound machines can be further classified as cumulative and differential. Cumulative and differential machines can be further classified as long shunt and short shunt. There are is an array of electrical configurations for a DC machine.

AC machines can be classified as induction, wound rotor, and synchronous. Induction motors can be further classified as 3-phase and single-phase. A 3-phase induction motor can be further classified as delta wound or wyes wound. Single-phase motors can be further classified as split phase, capacitor start, capacitor start/capacitor run, shaded pole, repulsion start, and universal. There are several varieties of AC motors.

The induction motor is frequently referred to as a squirrel cage induction motor. This is due to the fact that the rotor is constructed in a manner similar to a squirrel’s cage. An induction motor has a rotor rotating part and a stator stationary part within the motor covering. As soon as, an AC signal is applied to the stator winding, a rotating magnetic field is produced. This rotating magnetic field induces a signal in the rotor, which then also generates a rotating magnetic field. The interaction of these rotating magnetic fields causes rotation. This is a vital principle to keep in mind because in the case of a DC motor, the magnetic field is not time varying due to the applied signal.

For more information go to Ernest Electro, they offer equipment such as AC and DC motors and more.

The side channel pump is a niche product that is somewhere in between a centrifugal pump and a displacement pump. Initially, these types of liquid ring pumps we designed to pump gas, air and liquid mixtures. A side channel pump can be used for many different applications.

A side channel pump will generally have these following characteristics:

  • Offer the ability to transport gas without any interruptions to the fluid flow or damage to the bearings.
  • They have automatic self-priming capability
  • Offers maximum power consumption that its highest head and lowest flow rate.
  • Narrows columns (side channels) are not suitable for abrasive particles in the fluids.
  • A very low suction head (NPSH) is required.
  • A steep capacity-head (Q-H) curves ideal for pressure-dependent system regulation.

When the pump is started, it initially functions just like a displacement pump because of its self-priming capability, but once the side channels are filled with liquid, it will begin to operate like a centrifugal pump does. The centrifugal effect will then cause a collection of liquid in the outer region of the side channel and in the impeller cells, this forms the liquid ring that is necessary for the self-priming process. The inner region is where the gas builds up. A side channel pump is also able to operate as vacuum pump for a certain amount of time before the auxiliary liquid starts to heat up and then finally evaporates.

Besides the pumps self-priming capability, it has the added advantage of also being able to handle big gas flows with the liquid. In some processes, it’s essential that the pump can, as least temporarily, evacuate vapours and gasses from the process without the liquid flow being interrupted. The standard radial centrifugal pump has a very limited capacity to transport gas within the medium. Even with a lower gas content, the liquid flow can immediately damage or interrupt the pump bearings because of dry running.

The pressure build-up that is caused by the sum of the individual pulses during the liquid movement will create an internal multi-stage effect, even when there is only one impeller. A lower potential pump speed is possible because of higher pump heads thus helping to reduce the pump’s NPSH requirement compared to a high-speed pump. With a lower pump speed, you will have the additional advantage that part load performance, mechanical loads and noise can be controlled better and the pump’s expected service life is then generally increased.

At Ernest Electro we specialise in a wide variety of pumping systems and solutions in Johannesburg. Visit our website on for more information.

Having a swimming pool is a lot of hard work and entails plenty of upkeep; this is why there are companies that offer the service of pool maintenance. However, that does not offer the most effective means of keeping your swimming pool clean and inviting all day long. That is why there are swimming pool pumps and automotive pool cleaners. The swimming pool pump offers movement to the water in the pool in order to keep it in its best condition.

How Does the Pump Work?

The swimming pool pump, also known as a centrifugal pump, is a motorised piece of machinery that creates a vacuum for the pool, the pool cleaner or Kreepy-Krauly to act as an underwater vacuum that cleans the floor of the pool as well as creating water movement. The swimming pool pump is powered by a pool motor, which allows the pump to function and create that vacuumed suction. These two products need to be compatible otherwise the motor or the pump will have a shorter lifespan.

Why Get A Swimming Pool Pump?

By getting a swimming pool pump, you are allowing your pool to have a self-cleaning function. This self-cleaning function allows you the freedom to complete other tasks and activities throughout the day and week that you would not have had the chance to get to if you had to clean your pool about once or twice a day, or alternatively, you would neglect your pool in order to give your attention to those other tasks.  A pool pump would assist in catching all the dust and floating debris into a filter, which will need to be checked and cleaned out, manually, twice a week.

Getting a Pool Pump

Swimming pool pumps are not one size fits all, the size and placement of the pool will depend of the pump and motor size. The location will determine how much debris will need to be cleaned out of the pool on a daily or weekly basis. This will influence the size and strength of the pool pump. To find out about the best pool pump and motor needs for your pool or to cater to any other water pump needs that you have, visit Ernest Electro.

A gantry crane is one of many other cranes that have the power to lift objects by a hoist, the hoist is fitted in a hoist trolley and it moves horizontally on a pair of rails that is fitted under a beam. There are other cranes such as overhead cranes and bridge cranes. The gantry crane is known for being able to lift extremely heavy objects. They are often hired for shipbuilding, the crane will straddle the ship allowing large objects like the ships engine to be fitted. Other models of gantry cranes also include those that operate on rubber tyres and so tracks are not required. The smaller gantry cranes can be used in workshops for lifting car engines from vehicles.


Gantry cranes come in various shapes and sizes which can be used in many different industries. Gantry cranes also have adjustable height features where as some other cranes height is fixed. These types of cranes are often made from aluminium. The gantry crane is designed with two upright beams and a cross beam. The crane is also made up of two legs that are shaped like an A-frame with wheels at the bottom in order to make it more mobile.


Smaller versions of gantry cranes are used for manufacturing jobs, moving large parts in and out of locations or between assembly or work stations. In warehouses where there are heavier materials and loads to be moved, gantry cranes are used as they can typically carry up to about four tons.

When purchasing a gantry crane it is important to ensure that the company you are using is trustworthy, it’s important that the company has a good reputation and maintains a reputable standard for the cranes produced. You should ensure that your crane or crane equipment is installed by qualified specialists, and that the crane has been tested and is fully functional.


Ernest Electro are one of the largest stockists of electronic pumps, borehole motors and other engineering and mining equipment. Visit the Ernest Electro website on or give us a call on 011 792 9550 for more information.

As the responsibility of all municipality, the state of SA’s waste water is in hot water. A report that measured the state of waste water treatment plants in all nine provinces had revealed that while less than half of SA’s 850 sewage plants are treating the billions of litres of waste matter that is received everyday to acceptable standards, only 7% of them actually comply with the international benchmarks and standards. This means that the sewage isn’t being properly treated in most of SA’s waste water treatment plants, which means that the sewage is running into the ocean, ground and local river systems, which is why it is affecting farmers, rural communities and our marine and ecosystem too.

We can’t rely on municipalities for safe and clean water
While all South Africans have a basic human right to an environment that isn’t harmful to their well being and to also have an environment that is protected, for the benefit of future and present generations – this is just not the case with our sewage water in SA. Whether it is due to lack of expertise, poor to non-functional processes or finance, it’s become quite evident that we cannot rely on our municipalities to deliver and treat clean safe and clean water.

50 Million litres of sewage dumped into the ocean each day.
While many of our water treatment plants are in poor condition or not even functional, this has placed a great amount of pressure on Gauteng and also the Western Cape.
Gauteng’s agricultural sector has taken a hit because of the drought, especially when you consider the scarcity of fresh water. Unfortunately, Cape Town isn’t in a much better state, it was only when Jean Tresfon marine conservation photographer of Cape Town, took an aerial view shot of all the sewage that was flowing into the Atlantic ocean that it was discovered that almost 50 million litres of dirty sewage, toxic chemicals and grey water is being dumped off the coast of Cape Town each day.

At Ernest Electro we are known for our top quality sewage pumps, give us a call on 011 792 9550 or visit our website on for more information.

Have You Heard of Mobile Gantries?

In South Africa, the word gantry often conjures up unpleasant images of toll-booth frustrations, which is really unfortunate since there is so much more to these pieces of outstanding equipment than foraging money from hapless motorists.
There has been a rise in the popularity of the use of mobile gantries, and for good reason. They are affordable and provide an effective means of revolutionising tasks in a multitude of industries, including mining and quarrying, industry and building, forestry, mechanics, sanitation as well as overall maintenance.
So, if you are involved in any of these industries, then here is how a mobile gantry could be your next favourite piece of equipment.
Moving and lifting heavy loads
Portable gantries are an excellent solution for those industries that need an economic means of handling, lifting and moving heavy loads or hazardous materials. Since they are a type of A-frame gantry crane, they perform admirably when moving heavy weights or cumbersome materials. This makes them ideal for industries that work with warehousing.
In most cases, mobile gantries provide a more economical solution to material handling than forklift trucks since they are cheaper to invest in, and more cost-effective to operate and maintain, while requiring little training in their use.
Repairing and maintaining pumps
Handling the sheer weight and size of a broken pump can be difficult without utilising equipment that allows you to easily manoeuvre it. There are a few solutions for cranes and lifts that can help you with this problem, but few of them come at an effectiveness to price ratio that comes close to mobile gantries.
More importantly, because of their portable nature, mobile gantries can be taken to wherever they are needed most with relative ease, while still being able to lift around 1.5 tonnes. This makes them well suited for work conducted on heavy pumps, no matter where they are located.
Loading trucks and trailers
For those in the logistics and transport industry that are looking for a worthwhile solution to make loading trucks and trailers more convenient and efficient, mobile gantries provide perfect functionality for just such a task. Between their adjustability and versatility, mobile gantries are well suited to the many strenuous tasks of the logistics industry.
Use in a workshop
In workshops, mobile gantries provide an ideal platform for lifting and manoeuvring heavy items so that they can be worked on with more intricacy and detail. They also make moving and transporting these items convenient. Because they are a far more cost-effective solution than some of the heavy machines and trucks used in big industries, they are also well suited to smaller operations with modest budgets.
Call Ernest Electro Engineering today
If you would like more information on the uses, functions, benefits and price of investing in mobile gantries for your business operations, be sure to contact a consultant from Ernest Electro Engineeringfor details surrounding portable gantries and more.

Making the Right Choice with Electrical Motor Repairs

Avoiding downtime for your business requires you to continuously ensure that each piece of equipment is in top condition. Factory machinery is bound to take a certain amount of damage over time, especially if it is used frequently. Besides this, damages and failures are often the result of irregular or poorly conducted maintenance schemes.
This makes finding an electrical repair technician that can keep all of your equipment in operational order, all the more important. So, to help you select the workman that is right for the job, here are a few ways you can evaluate the capabilities of the technician you are interested in.
What state is their workshop and workforce in?
By taking a look at your repair shop’s working space, you can get a general idea of their levels of care and organisation. A shop that is neatly organised, well catalogued and safely laid out is clearly used to doing business in a certain way.
The skills and abilities of their workforce obviously has a large part to play in your decision as well. When looking for someone to see to the health of your expensive and crucial production equipment, you’ll want to make sure that they have the skill and experience to get it back to you in top condition.
How well equipped are they?
You’re likely to get a better and more reliable service from an electrical repair shop that is outfitted with state of the art equipment and tools for repairs and testing. If a bad workman always blames his tools, then a good one always ensures that he has the best ones for the job. This is, of course, an over generalisation. Even the best equipment can be utterly useless in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the skill set to operate it.
Do they stick to their SOP?
More often than not, repairs are a matter of procedure. Service providers should have a certain standard operating procedure that is stuck to when diagnosing and repairing electrical equipment. A single skilled labourer that knows how to approach repairs from any angle is a strong asset, but doesn’t always promise consistency.
What sort of components do they use?
Something you definitely want to check up on in terms of the repair company you use, is whether or not they are sourcing and making use of high grade components and replacement parts that are sourced from transparent channels. This way you can be sure that none of the components they are using are fraudulent, ensuring that you will get the best possible performance and lifespan once repairs are completed.
Contact Ernest Electro Today
For more information on sourcing an electrical and motor repair technician that can get the most out of your equipment, feel free to contact a consultant from Ernest Electro today and speak to us for more details. We are waiting for your call.

Drainage System Types, Problems, and Solutions!

Water is essential to our lives, for both living creatures and plants, however, it can also be extremely invasive when it flows. When residential properties experience drainage issues, water is usually a nuisance and can cause a great deal of damage. Different types of drainage issues include pooling, saturated soil, puddling and undirected downspout water, these issues can destroy your landscaping and turn your yard into a swamp. It creates mould and moisture problems and can damage your home foundations, drainage is a very big concern when not working correctly. Your drainage systems must be installed or improved by professional drainage companies such as Ernest Electro. If not dealt with correctly you may end up dealing with worsening problems.
Different solutions to drainage problems
Not every drainage solution is going to work for every situation. There are many different successful ways that water can be diverted away from your property. With the help from Ernest Electro your drainage problems can be a thing of the past.
The different drainage methods
• French drain – This is a very popular drainage method that consists of trenches that hold perforated pipes that are filled with gravel and buried. The water will seep into the ground and into these pipes, which divert it elsewhere, normally to the public sewers.
• Dry well – It is similar to your French drain, the difference being that instead of the water being diverted to a sewer, it gets diverted to an underground well where it is dispersed back to the soil.
• Corrugated tubes – These buried or above-ground tubes are used to direct downspout water away from buildings. When using this method, the diversion is normally to a landscape area which requires frequent watering or another place where excess water will not be harmful.
• Grassy Swale – This is another neutral means of diverting water away from buildings. It involves building a slight grade or hill that will divert water away from one side to roll down the other side and disperse in more absorbent soil or to have a bog area for collection.
• Planned bog – This method can be used in conjunction with some of the above mentioned methods to divert water away from buildings, allowing it to pool in one dedicated area that is planted with species that love water.
At Ernest Electro we believe that the right approach should be taken into consideration when it comes to drainage, as each situation will have different circumstances. Visit our website on or give us a call for more information.