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How Your Home Could Benefit from the Right Pressure-Based Sewage Pump

Sewage pumps offer an excellent alternative to traditional gravity sewage systems, in fact they are necessary for certain applications, particularly where waste needs to move upward from a septic tank. However, when used in any household, they can have a number of unique advantages when compared to traditional systems.

Consistent Flow of Waste

Because they are not reliant on gravity, sewage pumps offer a more consistent and even flow of waste. It is important that this flow is consistent when travelling to the tank as irregular flow could easily lead to blockages or drops in pressure that make the system ineffective.

Efficient & Effective

With the ability to move well over 700 litres of water-waste a minute, sewage pumps provide much more effective and efficient means of waste-removal than more traditional systems. This is a big deal for blockages, since large quantities moving at a slow rate can significantly reduce the efficiency of the septic tank in your home.

Waste can Travel Against Gravity

In traditional systems, waste needs to travel with the assistance of gravity. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, it does mean that a gravity-based system will have to flow downward to effectively allow waste to travel to its destination.

This will obviously have a significant impact on the way that the system is designed.

Sewage pumps on the other hand do not need to take gravity into account, allowing waste to flow from any direction.

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