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Submersible Water Pumps – An Overview

Submersible pumps, also called ESPs (electric submersible pumps, as they are connected to an electric motor) are used both at home, as a water pressure booster system, and industrially for drainage, sewage pumping and seawater handling, to name but a few uses.

How does it work?

The submersible water pump pushes liquid to the surface – as opposed to a centrifugal water pump which pulls liquids before pushing. As soon as the pressure switch is turned on, an impeller will start to spin, which is what draws water into the pump. Because it is designed to work under the earth’s surface (similar to a sump pump), it will not function unless it is submerged in liquid. This pump is also an energy saver – it creates pressure about 30% faster than other pumps and does not work against gravity.

What are the benefits?
One major advantage of using a submersible water pump, is that it never needs to be primed, as the pump is already submerged in liquid. Another benefit is that the pump itself prevents cavitation, a problem that often occurs when there is a high elevation difference between the pump and fluid surface. Additionally, submersible pumps are quieter (especially useful in a residential setting), convenient because it is lightweight and portable, more efficient, safe (as potentially dangerous components are submerged) and it takes much less prep work than other pumps.

Where is it used?
The most common application for a submersible pump, is in construction sites, to pump excess water or fluids from areas like basements. Other uses include pumping slurries, inland or offshore oil wells, boreholes and even in irrigation systems.

How long will the pump last?
Submersible pumps can last up to ten years, but there have been cases of residential submersible pumps that last up to fifteen years, if they only accommodate moderate water usage.

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