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The Low-Down on Boreholes

A borehole(also known as a tube well)is as a structure used to expose water that is hidden in the interstices or in the cracks of a rock embedded in the sub-soil that is also called the aquifer.

The water can be raised to ground level either by using a simple receptable (eg. Bucket) or a motor driven pump.

Boreholes that are manually dug are one of the oldest sources of water amongst the poorest communities.

In days of old , the boreholes were simply holes dug with absolutely no form of protection against collapsing.

Their inability to withstand harsh weather conditions led to them disappearing over the years. Of course then they constantly had to dig new boreholes because the ones they had previously dug had either collapsed or dried up quickly.


Boreholes remain one of the most effective and reliable sources of water among the poorest communities. Having to travel long distances to get access to water is a struggle many still have to face.

Even though there are rivers in most poor communities, the water from these rivers are not fit for human consumption. These rivers are where people bath, do laundry and for some these same rivers are lavatories.

Thus making it a breeding ground for multiple illnesses. The borehole system however, requires the, to either use a pump or a pulley system to bring the water up to ground level thus reducing but not completely eradicating the levels of contamination.

Manually dug holes are still subject to contamination by humans because they usually only go up to 20m below ground which is very shallow.

Now given the fact that boreholes are used primarily in the poorest communities, these people do not have access to mechanical means of digging the boreholes.

It is only fair to say that drilling and driven techniques need to be enforced around affected areas. It would be a small price to pay so that all people, no matter their social standing, have access to clean and fresh water.

“Water is Life, Sanitation is Dignity” -Johannesburg Water

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