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Understanding multicrushers

Suppose you need to choose the best multi crusher for your pump operated system. In that case, it’s vital to review all considerations to ensure your pump operated system remains effective at crushing your waste.

What is a multicrusher?

A multicrusher is a macerating unit based on the design of a rotary lobe pump. However, instead of rotating lobes, there are blade and cutter arrangements installed with two central screws to hold them in place. The relative rotation speed of the two shafts ensures an optimised crushing effect that prevents any material from wrapping around the blades and cutters.

Most multicrushers can be accessed for maintenance in place (MIP) that allows for quick and convenient repair and replacement of fluid wetted parts without the need to remove any pipes, drives or other pump components.

Multicrushers are the perfect fluid handling solution for customised applications. In standard applications, a fluid/solids mixture flow through the multicrusher. Multicrushers can also be installed on the discharge side of various pump devices since it’s equipped with lobe pump seals. Heavy fluids enter through a hopper into a side-mounted multicrusher, where single or twin shaft augers feed solids into the multicrusher.

Multicrusher applications

Multicrushers are effective at macerating solids contained in liquid and are used in various applications.

  • For mixtures of heavy viscous waste oil, water, and solid waste, a combination of multicrusher and submersible rotary lobe pump make light work of the job.
  • There are often rags and stringy materials found in wastewater treatment plants that pose a problem for pumps, valves, instruments, controls, and other downstream equipment. Multicrushers can handle these issues with ease.
  • Raw sewage sometimes contains foreign objects that can cause blockage downstream without the help of a multicrusher.
  • Plastic recycling requires the simultaneous washing and macerating of products. A multicrusher and rotary lobe pump combination ensure particle size reduction and reliable plastic/water transfer.
  • Solid fruit and vegetable waste can be crushed into a pumpable solution.
  • Slaughterhouse waste needs to be macerated and transferred.

Different rotation speeds of the shafts and blades of a multicrusher ensure optimum cutting and self-cleaning results.

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