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What Makes Zuwa Pumps Great

There are many different pumps to choose from each with its own benefits and capabilities. Pumps are used in many different industries and domestically for a variety of different projects.


Ease of Use

Not only is Zuwa pumps simple to install and use it quite cost effective. Zuwa pumps have been in the industry for over 7 decades making them a very reliable option for any project that requires the use of a pump. The Zuwa brand is constantly working at improving their product so that it is always leading the industry.


Zuwa Pump Uses

Zuwa Pumps and flat suction systems are a great way to get rid of water in most flooding scenarios. Typically used for flooded basements, garages, homes and platform roofs. These places might flood due to heavy rains or broken and leaking pipes. Zuwa Pumps can even be used to empty residue from swimming pools and will empty flooded areas to a near dry state.


Suction Mats

Suction mats are used for clearing fluids after an area has been pumped or for stubborn low-level fluids. The suction mat will remove fluids from all areas in direct contact of the suction mat. The mats are slightly flexible so use on uneven surfaces like concreted basements can be very effective. Mats can even be connected to each other to increase the area covered.


Versatility and Strength

Zuwa pumps are not only limited to water, the pumps can be used to pump out a variety of different liquids including oil, diesel and heating oil to name a few. Zuwa pumps are quite powerful and can pump out small debris like soil or solid articles from areas such as basements with concrete flooring.


Ernest Electro has a variety of different Zuwa Pumps to choose from each with their own accessories to add on.

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